Zone System Manual How To Previsualize Your Pictures by Minor White New Revised Fourth Edition Fourth Printing 1972


White, 1972. 8 x 8", 112 pages, Soft Cover, Book has small crease on lower corner . .inside are clean.
The Ansel Adams Zone System as a Basis of Intuitive Photography. The New Zone System Manual is the most extensive single book on the Zone System to date. It shows how to bring all the variables of the photographic process under control. This book teaches the individual how to visualize the image before they begin to photograph. It applies to all kinds of photography - creative, manipulative, mutiple-image and multiple exposure. Minor White. . His material is on method and technique - and their approach is understandable for anyone seriously exploring black & white photography.  This book features a sensitometry for working photographers that can lead to a deeper understanding of the nature of photography. For amateurs and professionals, this method of image control can be applied for consistent fine quality in straight photography or experimental photography. Any photographer who knows the essentials of exposure meter use, developing, and printing can master the Zone System.
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