Zeiss Microscopes Stands L Pamphlet - Original Mikro 492/IIe 1938

SKU BR5725/AMZ-ZeissStandsLMicroscopes Pamphlet
Excellent condition. 47 page booklet with Green Cover, Mikro 492/IIe. Carl Zeiss Jena 1938.

The Zeiss Microscope Stand L is a form of microscope produced the constructional work pursuing a definite object and in the type a number of particular advantages of importance to the user, based on many years' experience in the construction of microscopes. This has necessitated a departure from the primary type of microscope stand first produced about 1838 by Georg Oberhauser. From the diagram it will be seen that the L stand is a very compact type of very low build, and this it is possible, as contrasted with the old, often very high forms, to use and chairs and tables of normal height when working with the microscope.

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