Zeiss Ikon-Voigtlander 1965-1968 Dealer Price Schedules (Reprint 1990)

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Very Good Condition. Reprint of 1965-1968 Dealer Price Schedule by The Zeiss Historica Society 1990. Softcover, approx. 60 pages.

Contents Include:

Section A - Contarex Camera System

Section B- Contaflex 35mm Camera System

Section C - Icarex 35mm System

Section D - Contaflex 126 System

Section E - 35mm Viewfinder Cameras

Section F - #126 Viewfinder Cameras

Section G - Movie and Projection

Section H - Camera Accessories

Section I - Professional Lenses

Section J - Metzler -Zeiss Umbral

Section K - Carl Zeiss Binoculars/Magnifiers

Section L - Metz

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