Wireless Can Be Wonderful! Wireless Photo Tools with Will Crockett (FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD)

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FridayPhotoSchool live recording from July 2, 2010; Tutorial DVD. Running time 86 minutes. This DVD has NO ads included. Play on any regular DVD player (worldwide) or CD-ROM. DVD ships in a plastic clam case.

Are you looking for the easiest wireless flash triggering system for your studio strobes?
Want to discover the best way to wirelessly trigger your off-camera shoe flashes in TTL mode?
Tired of wondering if the wireless memory cards and new high speed wireless internet routers will actually help you?
We've got the answers!

In this seminar we present the results of weeks of testing and research on the wireless photography tools that can make your life a LOT easier.

From choosing the right wireless flash or TTL flash triggering system for you, to wireless transfer of your files from the camera to the computer - or from computer to computer and beyond, photo tech expert Will Crockett shows you which wireless tools are worth your time and money and which ones are just frustration generators.

Will tests hundreds of pro-level photo tools for his consulting clients and is known as the "go to" guy for helping photographers work easier, faster and smarter. This seminar is sure to toss out tons of tips on how to smooth out the bumps in your photographic road map.

Let Will Crockett show you his freshest new tips on how to make your photo life painless (and wireless too!) with Pocket Wizard, RadioPopper, FreeXwire, Skyport,"n" Speed Routers, triggering your camera AND strobes with a Pocket Wizard and what about those Eyefi Cards? Ha! Plenty of smart info.

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