Wild Splendors of California by Lalo Fiorelli 2002

SKU Bx101-WildSplendors-Fiorelli
Hardcover with Dust Jacket 140 pages. 10 1/2 x 11". Publisher: Splendors Publishing 2002.

This photographic essay tours the state of California from south to north, from the underwater canyons of the Carmel Trench to the volcanic peaks of the southern Cascades. Presented are images from underwater in the inter-tidal zone, coastal redwood "rain forests", deserts, alpine forests, the mighty Sierra Nevada running along the spine of the state, national wildlife refuges that protect the Pacific Flyway, and Mount Shasta. The photographs represent a body of work that are a result returning to each place many times over quite a number of years. None are the result of a chance encounter with the environment depicted. 127 four color images are artfully presented, printed on heavy-weight matte paper. The result is a high quality archival level volume.The text is written from the perspective of the author in the field, and the histories presented are more anecdotal then factual.

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