Viewfinder Quarterly News Bulletin of the Leica Collectors International (all 6 issues - The Beginning of Viewfinder) Vol 1 1968 (Plus Cumulative General Index Vol 1 1968 - Vol 7 1974)

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Good Condition. The first 6 issues of Viewfinder, 1968 (originals). Gerald Arthur Leeson, Secretary, Leica Collectors International.


Vol 1 No 1 January "It is now proposed that we form such a club and name it LEICA COLLECTORS INTERNATIONAL. We should also have some for of communication so we shall have a bi-monthly newsletter which we shall call VIEWFINDER."

Vol 1 No 2 March

Vol 1 No 3 May - 2 pages "The reception of our VIEWFINDER received was most encouraging"

Vol 1 No 4 July - Rumors are again flying about an M5 "This issue we will have a circulation of one hundred copies"

Vol1 No 5 September

Vol 1 No 6 November - For almost a full year now Leica Collectors International has been circulating this newsletter to all members and other interested people at no cost for either the newsletter or postage. These costs hava now reached a prohibitive figure and must be shared by all. Effective immediately the membership dues will be Five Dollars . . .

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Includes: Cumulative General Index Vol 1 1968 - Vol 7 1974

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