View Camera The Journal of Large Format Photography (all 6 issues) Vol XXIV 2011

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Excellent Condition. Softcover 64 pages each. All Six issues for 2011.


No 1 January/February - Includes:

The Seattle Project by Danial Carrillo

Portraits of Native Americans by Herrbert Ascherman

No 2 March/April

Georg Thomas Mendel by Anne Caffee

No 3 May/June

George Tice - A Special Portfolio of Unpublished Photographs from 1967-2010

No 4 July/August

Havana by Michael Eastman

No 5 September/October

Jay Clendinen: Working for the Los Angeles Times

Tyler Munson: 6 Photographs

No 6 November/December

The American Wall" Photographs and Text by Maurice Sherif

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