Ultra Portable Power Portraits VOL ONE: Prepping & Shooting & VOL TWO: Lighting Details and Post Processing with Will Crockett

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Shootsmarter 2011, Tutorial DVD; play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM drive. DVD ships in a plastic DVD clam-case.

Ultra Portable Power Portraits VOL ONE: Prepping & Shooting

Join Will Crockett on a real client shoot where he uses the simplicity of battery-powered flash to created three "Power Portraits" on three different locations. Known as one of the "go to" corporate photographers in the Chicagoland region, Will is used to CEO's that are uncomfortable in front of the camera and this job is just that - a newly appointed head of a union in Illinois has had some unflattering photos taken in the past and is gun-shy of photographers because of it. Will needs to get three different looks with this CEO in only 90 minutes time and walk away with great images and a happy client. To do that, Will and his assistant need to move fast and be smart with their gear choices. Sounds like a perfect job for light, ultra portable battery powered flash with a little TTL exposure control too! In this episode, Will starts with his client communication and planning before the shoot, the importance of location scouting before the shoot so you can bring the right flash gear, and then shows you the flash tools he has chosen for this job and explains why he has picked one over another. Through out the show you get to see actual footage from the real shoot, with plenty of tips and insight on how he makes it look so easy. You'll enjoy how Will communicates his comforting air of professionalism to the client and the subjects to make a set of super client-pleasing images. We all can learn SO much by watching a seasoned pro in action. By using small flashes with BIG technology, Will effortlessly blends wireless TTL and wireless manual flash exposures modes using from one to three lights as he shoots in jpeg mode tethered to a laptop with perfect color and excellent exposure.

The entire set was done with only three battery flashes, a few cool light modifiers, and one smart photographer.

Here's what's in this hour-long episode:
Segment ONE:

The upshot of the client, the assignment and the time constraints.
How to create one set of photos with three different "looks".
Location scouting and meeting the client face to face.
Lighting choices: flashes, modifiers, wireless triggering decisions.
Lighting diagrams for the staff, shooting outline for the client.

Segment TWO:
Formal Business Portrait fit for a CEO.
Camera, lens, background and three flashes.
Shooting files that need zero color nor exposure adjustments.
One battery flash lights up a 6 foot Octa light? Yep!
Footage of the actual photo session as Will narrates with lots of details and info.

Segment THREE:
The Dramatic Conversation Shot.
Using a strip bank as a main with a speedlite.
Gear choices: three TTL flashes in wireless ratio mode.
Why shoot tethered? Here's a smart way to shoot.
Footage of the actual photo session with Will narrating plenty of tips.

Segment FOUR:
A Casual Power Portrait - outdoors with fill flash.
Blending available light with just enough flash.
20% flash + 80% available light is the magic formula.
Light modifiers for outside flash.
Will goes big and soft.
Changing light conditions means a backup plan!
Footage from the actual session as Will shares his insights.

Power portraits on location is one of the areas of pro photography that Will Crockett knows best. He's been shooting them for decades. In this episode of Flash Foundations, Will shows you how to shoot them quickly and confidently by using the right flash setup techniques for the job, and by communicating to the client to put you in the position for a successful shoot.

Ultra Portable Power Portraits VOL TWO: Lighting Details and Post Processing

In this episode, Will shows you the details behind the three "studio look on location" lighting setups in from his real client shoot seen in volume ONE. The ShootSmarter studios are filled with examples of all kinda of lighting from Nikon and Canon. From the flash gear selection and prepping to move it in only a few small cases, to simplifying the wireless systems for the light control and the wide variety of light modifiers used to keep the light interesting, you get to see how a professional travels light and shoots big. See where this skilled photographer trusts TTL and where he prefers to use AUTO and Manual flash exposure modes to create over 300 images in only JPEG mode with perfect color and excellent exposure - no corrections needed.

You get to see how the entire job is moved from the computer, through post processing for some minor fine tuning, to a web gallery for client access in less than 2 hours. No matter if you use one simple speedlight or a pile of Qflash T5dR's, making high quality Power Portraits that keep clients happy is easy to do if you understand the Flash Foundations. Here's what's in this episode:

Segment ONE:
Speedlites vs. Qflash
Three different main lights from one small flash: Big and smooth, Snappy and directional,Fill flash with style.
Light mounting and stands.

Segment TWO:
Gear transport, cases, and speedy setups.
When to use TTL and when to not use it.
Manual exposure modes
Formal portrait lighting setup: Main light, no fill, kicker with gel.

Segment THREE:
Wireless TTL Ratio Portraits: Three light setup with three remote groups, Using color gels for impact, Shooting speed, recycling times for TTL.
Speedlites in strip banks.

Segment FOUR:
Measuring the available light THEN adding flash.
Percent of flash vs. the color of the flash.
White balance issues.

Segment FIVE:
File backup on location, then transfer.
Will's smooth system of post processing:
Backup originals (again!) to three drives.
Import into software, rough edits.
Group crops, group changes, color tuning, vignettes…
Export as SELECTS.

Segment SIX:
Creating the online proof, Uploading of the files, watermarking, proof sizes…
Client contact, final file delivery, thank you prints, job done!

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