Ultra-Miniature Photography: A Complete Sub-Miniature Camera Handbook, By Joseph D. Cooper, 1st Edition 1958

By Joseph D. Cooper. First Edition. (1958). Amphoto. Hard-cover, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4", 160 pages, B&W photos. Directory of cameras and accessories with prices. This is a complete sub-miniature camera handbook. Covers the: CamBinox, Camera Lighter, Echo-B, GaMI16, Mamiya Super-16, Minicord III, Minolta-16, Minox III-S, Minute-16, Petal, Petie, Golden Ricoh-16, Steky IIIB, Stylophot Deluxe, & Stylophot Standard. There is a description of each camera listed, as well as the original selling price.

Good Condition. Inside pages clean, Dust-jacket good-, Shows rubbing and tears on edges.

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