Too Dark? Too Light? Just Right! Controlling the Brightness of Your Photos with Will Crockett (FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD)


FridayPhotoSchool live recording from August 20, 2010; Tutorial DVD. Running time 73 minutes. This DVD has NO ads included. Play on any regular DVD player (worldwide) or CD-ROM. DVD ships in a plastic clam case.

Just about every photographer has the occasional problem with their photos turning out a little to dark or a little too light.

Did you know that's actually an easy problem to solve?

Join one of photography's top photo experts and problem solvers, Will Crockett from ShootSmarter, for a terrific seminar on how you can get your pictures to look just right coming out of the camera instead of spending so much time fixing them on a computer.

Did you know the AUTO exposure system in most pro and semi-pro level cameras are pretty good but they can trick you rather easily? Let Will show you how to turn off some of the automated systems in your camera, turn on the manual exposure controls, and allow YOU to decide how bright or how dark your photos will be without all the confusing and misleading "blinkies" and histograms on the back of your camera's preview screen.

Learn how to work with available light and with simple studio style strobe to create photos that are "Just Right" in this video.

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