Through The Electronic Looking Glass by Dee Breger

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First EnglishGermanEdition, June 1995, Cygnus Graphic, Phoenix, AZ. 8 1/2 x 8, Card Board cover with ring bound pages inside, includes 3-D Glasses held in a sleve on inside of front cover. Unpaginated, approx 50 pages, text is in English and German.
Among the most fascinating images you'll ever see are those produced by scanning electron microscopes or "SEMs". These complex instruments are capable of magnification and resolution far beyond that of optical microscopes, and the images they produce give you entirely different, amazing, and often very surprising views of even the most ordinary everyday things; The addition of the third dimension to SEM views makes them even more spectacular, since you can actually see the spatial relationships in the images that you could only imagine in "flat" two-dimensional images.  The 3-D images created by Dee Breger with a scanning electron micro-scope (her electronic "looking glass") for this book cover a wide range of subjects, from the most common household items that you use every day to some very unusual scientific specimens.  Along with each of the 30 3-D images (which are viewed with tehe included red-blue 3-D glasses) in this book, a 2-D image of the same view is shown so you can compare the two and see for yourself the difference the third dimension makes when you look at these SEM images.
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