Three Step Portrait Light - Main + Fill + ? with Will Crockett ( FridayPhotoSchool Foundations Seminar Series Tutorial DVD)

SKU WC242Three Step Portrait Light/FPS-Crockett 3/2011

FridayPhotoSchool Foundations Seminar Series Tutorial DVD; March 2011; Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM; running time 58 minutes; DVD ships in a DVD plastic clam-case.

Do you want a soft, smooth main light with plenty of graceful fill? Or do you want a sharp and spicy main light with only a little fill? Learn how to choose, place and adjust your studio strobes for main, fill, background and kicker lights that enhance your subject.

Expanding your skill as a portrait photographer means learning how to adjust your main light, fill light, and the careful balance between the two. Watch as we move a few lighting arrangements around a basic studio setup with ease and precision, and share the progression of creating crisp and clean portrait images. If you want to learn how to choose, place, and adjust your studio strobes for main, fill, background and kicker lights that enhance your subjects, this is surely a show to not miss.

Topics covered:
*** Main light placement for soft sidelight or for punchy contemporary light.
The four favorite fill lights of the fridayphotoschool team.
*** Controlling exposure of the main, fill, then both together.
*** Adding in a background light for smooth separation.
*** Containing kicker lights for the right contrast and mood.
*** The delicate balance of maintaining that "just right" look of main, fill and kicker levels.

Join photographer Will Crockett in this hour-long Foundations WebTV show. With years of experience, Will Crockett has dedicated himself to helping other photographers shoot smarter, and not harder. A true master of explaining the details that help improve your bottom line.

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