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The Wrayflex Story by John Wade

SKU Bx77-Wrayflex Story - Wade

Wordpower Publishing 2008, softcover, 6 x 8-1/4", 100 pages, 11 chapters, 150 black & white illustrations.

The history of Wray • The early cameras • Rare prototypes • Unusual variations • Forgotten lenses • Inside the Wrayflex

The Wrayflex, built at Wray (Optical Works) Ltd at Bromley in Kent, was England's only serious attempt at making a 35mm single lens reflex. But who designed it, what led up to it, why did a company better known for making lenses take it on and why did it develop in such an eccentric fashion?

This profusely-illustrated book sets out to answer those questions, detailing and illustrating undocumented information, ranging from lost prototypes to the way Wrayflexes were used in the American space program.

*** Introduction
*** A Short History of Wray
*** The Employees
*** Wray's first cameras
*** The rise and fall of the Wrayflex
*** Lenses for the Wrayflex
*** Wrayflex scientific cameras
*** The cameras that followed
*** Inside the Wrayflex
*** Dismantling the Wrayflex
*** Wray advertising
*** References and acknowledgments
*** Index

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