The Skilled Photographer with Manny Pontoriero ( 5-1/2 Hours - 3 DVD Tutorial Set)


Get The Picture 2010. Tutorial DVD Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 330 minutes

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The Skilled Photographer picks up where our first set, Jump Start Your Photography, left off. Emanuele "Manny" Pontoriero will once again push you to take your technical skills beyond the creative horizon that you currently have. Whether a serious amateur or budding professional you probably now realize that it’s not the camera but the person behind it that creates the stunning images we see in museums, art galleries, and print ads. Now you can learn the technical secrets that make those images possible. If you have real passion for photography and the burning desire to learn The Skilled Photographer 3 DVD set will push you into a new frontier of creativity. Best of all, Manny makes the learning process exciting, fun and entertaining.

Manny started his career while a senior in high school as an apprentice to photographer and master color printer, David West. Shortly after realizing that more equipment was not the answer, he joined 4 different professional organizations. He attended every professional seminar, convention, workshop and lecture, within 100 miles of New York City. “I had no life but photography”, recalls Manny. The skilled photographer DVDs represent years of study and tens of thousands of dollars in learning photographic technique.This set of DVDs is your opportunity to experience that “eureka moment” where you not only understand how but finally why the techniques work. Learn from someone who makes it look easy, a master teacher and motivator and satisfy that hunger to become The Skilled Photographer.

Table of Contents:
DVD 1: Composition
- Diagonal Line
- Repeating Lines
- "S" Curve
- 3 Types of Framing
- Rule of Thirds

DVD 2: Camera Functions
- Depth of Field
- White Balance
- Using Flash On and Off Camera
- Using the light meter correctly

DVD 3: Lighting
- Flat Lighting
- Rembrandt Lighting
- Split Lighting
- Back 45 Degree Lighting
- Back Lighting

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