The Proceedings of the First Western PhotoHistory Symposium May 16, 1980

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Published by: The Western Photographic Collectors Association. Edited by W.P. Carroll, November 1981. Includeds articles by Symposium Speakers - History of Zeiss Ikon at Stuttgart, Hans Letsche; From Arago to Apollo by Peter Schultz; Art Dec o Kodak by George Layne; The History of the Ernemann Co by James Cornwall and The Daguerreotrype of Southworth and Hawes by Mattew Isenberg. Inside cover has photo of speakers with index. The last section of the presentation is Bingham Collection: Stereo Cameras and Viewers, The California Museum of Photography, Revised edition 1980. Great material produced by Bill Carroll, a great person and student/friend of the history and collecting of Photographica. Good Condition. Inside milar cover and outside from cover show wear from ageing.
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