The Photographist (4 total issues) 1989-1996 Editor: Mike Kessler

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USED . . .Very Good ++ Condition. Published by Western Photographic Collectors Association, Inc., Whittier, CA. Affiliated with the University of California Museum of Photography and P.H.S.A. Asst. Editor: William Carroll. Editor: Mike Kessler (his editorials and articles are more than worth the price).

4 editions from 1989 -1996 of a Journal that was beloved by Collectors.

A Journal of articles, photographs, drawings that will keep you reading, reading, and reading. If you are a collector of cameras or photography . . .This information is Very Hard To Find.

Stapled Softcover.


No 80 Winter 1989 - Pioneers of American Photography, John William Draper

No 83/84 Fall 1989/Winter 1990 - No 5, No 6 and No 16 Circuit Cameras

No 99 Fall 1993 - Once In A Lifetime, The True Story of The Plumbe Daguerreotypes by Mike Kessler

No 108 Winter 1995/1996 - The Graphotrope

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