The Photographer's Guide to HDR Efex Pro by Jason P. Odell and Tony Sweet ( Tutorial eBook for HDR Efex Nik Software) - BESTSELLER

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Jason Odell 2011; 188 pages Adobe PDF eBook (PDF files on CD-ROM) for PC or Mac.

The Photographer's Guide to HDR Efex Pro covers:
•Field techniques for HDR imaging
•How to navigate the HDR Efex Pro interface
•How to use HDR Efex Pro as a stand-alone application
•HDR Methods: what they are and how to choose one
•Global Adjustments
•Selective Adjustments with Control Points
•Natural HDR Recipes for indoor and outdoor scenes
•Artistic HDR Recipes for indoor and outdoor scenes
•Black & White HDR
•Single-image tone-mapping
•Panoramic HDR
•14 Custom HDR Presets for HDR Efex Pro

HDR tone-mapping is a process by which multiple images of the same scene are blended together to capture a wider range of highlight and shadow detail than what a single exposure could produce. With the HDR Efex Pro application, photographers can create image styles that range from hyper-realistic to incredibly surreal. What Dr. Odell and Mr. Sweet bring to the table are real-world explanations of every tool found in the software. More importantly, the two photographers add their insight on how and why to use each tool, rather than just define their function. "Every aspect of Nik's HDR Efex Pro was explored, explained, and illustrated,” says co-author Tony Sweet. "From the beginner to the experienced, this book is the essential companion to HDR Efex Pro." Table of Contents:
Introduction to High Dynamic Range Photography
Welcome to HDR Efex Pro
The HDR Efex Pro Interface
Working with HDR Efex Pro
HDR Efex Pro Quick-Start Guide
Image Alignment
Ghost Removal
Image Adjustment Tools
Tone Compression
Global Adjustments
HDR Methods
Selective Adjustments
Finishing Adjustments
HDR Presets
HDR Efex Pro Editing Workflow
Creating Fine Art High Dynamic Range Images
Natural HDR Recipes
HDR Gallery 1: Natural HDR
Artistic HDR Recipes
HDR Gallery 2: Artistic HDR
Black & White HDR Recipes
HDR Gallery 3: Black and White HDR
Other HDR Techniques

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