The Photo-Miniature A Monthly Magazine of Photographic Information (19 total Issues) 1901-1928

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Good Condition. 19 total issues from 1901-1928.


Vol III No 25 April 1901 . .Landscope Photography- Cover is chipped on upper corner torn(piece missing)inside page clean

Vol III No 26 Mar 1901..Telephotography- small tear on bottom spine

Vol V No 51 June 1903..Press Photography-Good Condition

Vol VI No 64 July 1904 ..Figure Composition -Good Condition, owners name on cover.

No VI No 68 Decorative Photography

Vol VII No 82 October 1907 . .Modern Dark Room, A Simple Method of Making A Needle Hole or Pinhole Photography -Good Condition

Vol IX No 99 March 1909 . .Reflex Cameras - Covers are loose

Vol X No 112 September 1910..Light in Portraiture - Good Condition

Vol X No 116 June 1911 . .Hand-Work on Negatives- Good Condition

Vol X No 110 July 1910..Commerical Photography -Good Condition

Vol IX No 105 Third Edition 1910.. Correct Exposure-Good Condition

Vol IX No 123 February 1913..Enlarging on Gaslight Papers-Good Condition

Vol XI No 124 March 1913..Photography for the Press - Good Condition

Vol XI No 132 July 1914..Getting Result With Your Hand-Camera - Good Condition

Vol XII No 134 September 1914..Figures, Facts and Formulae of Photography -Back cover missing, book pages very clean

Vol XVI No 189 May 1923..Making an Enlarger for Miniature Camera Negatives-Front cover loose, otherwise in Good Condition

VolXVII No 197 October 1925..Profitable Photography-Good Condition

Vol XVII No 200 September 1927..Handling and Mixing Photographic Chemical Part I Cover is faded in minor wear

Vol XVII No 201 Handling and Mixing hotgraphic Chemicals and Solutions Part II-Some staining and wear on cover.

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