The Leica Rangefinder Way by Andrew Matheson First Edition (1984)

By Andrew Matheson. (1984). First Edition. Focal Press. Hard-cover, 6 x 9 1/4", 264 pages, color and B&W photos. Covers the technique and art of Leica photography. Book is in Very good condition. Dust-jacket shows minor rubbing from shelf-life.


The Pioneer Miniature
The Leica itself
Leica M Controlls
Loading and unloading
Leica Lenses
The Motorised Leica
Camera Technique
Flash Technique
The Leica Approach
Close-up Equipment
Close-Up Technique
Special Techniques
The Leica M5
Earlier M Models
Older Winder Units
The Leica CL
Screw-Mount Leicas
Screw-Mount Lenses and Lens Accessories
Older Close-Up and other gear
Facts and Figures

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