The History of Photography 1685 - 1914 by Helmut and Alison Gernsheim, 1969 Edition

McGraw-Hill Book Co 1969, Hardcover, 8-1/2 x 11-3/4", 599 pages, with 390 photographs & engravings. Uncommon book. Inside pages in good condition. Dustjacket and hardcover has some edge-chips missing/edge creases/minor rubbing. Former owners name on inside cover.

From the camera obscura to the beginning of the modern era.

I. The Prehistory of Photography: History of the camera obscura - Photochemical investigations - Phantoms of photography - The first conception of photography
II. The Invention of photography: Heliography - Daguerreotype - Negative/positive processes on paper - Direct positives on paper - Other independent inventors
III. The Early Years of Photography: Daguerreotype in France - in America - in Great Britain - in German speaking countries - The calotype and other paper processes in Great Britain - Photography on paper in other countries - introduction of photography on glass
IV. The Collodion Period: Popularization of photography - Portrait photography a new industry - High art photography - Stereoscopic photography - Instantaneous photography - News photography - Landscape and architectural photography - The carte-de-visite period - Some famous portrait photographers - Mammoth and miniature photographs - The evolution f dry plates - Permanent photographs
V. The Galatine Period: Emulsions papers and mass-production printing - Photography on film - Hand, pocket and detective cameras - Push-button photography - Photography by artificial light - The Photography movement - Documentation - Press photography - Naturalistic photography - the aesthetic movement
VI. Some applications of Photography: Aerial photography - Underwater - photography of criminals - Medical photography
VII. The evolution of colour photography
VIII. Photography and the printed page: Photomechanical printing processes

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