The "Ensign" Handbook of Photography (In a Foreword and Ten Chapters) by W.L.F. Wastell and Percy G.R. Wright (Early 1900's)

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Good Condition . .rubbing on cover from ageing. Inside pages very good condition, no writing.

Publisher: Ensign Ltd., London (successor company to Houghton-Butcher). No Date . .early 1900's. Softcover, Approx 4 x 5 1/2", 160 pages.

Very Interesting that almost all of the cameras listed in the book are not listed in McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras, latest edition.

Introduction "The Simplicity of Photography" A foreward showing how easy it is to make good pictures.

Also in the forward - "A Brief Explanation of Some of the Technical Terms in Relation to a Camera:

The Camera: A box or bellows to two to two frames holding the lens at one end, and the dry plate or film at the others. Its use is to prevent any light reaching the plate except that passing through the lens.

Lens: The optical part of the aparatus for condensing the image of the thing to be photographed on to the plate. It consists sometimes of one piece of curved glass, and sometimes to two or more placed in a brass tube, called the mount.


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