The Art And Business Of High School Senior Portrait Photography by Ellie Vayo

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Amherst Media 2002. Soft-cover, 8 1/2 x 11", 128 pages, 100 full-color photos. Author Ellie Vayo shares the insights and techniques that have made her studio one of the biggest and most profitable senior portrait businesses in the United States. Beginning with atracting clients, Vayo shows how to design advertising that appeals to teens and parents. Next, you'll learn how to set your studio apart with special client-pleasing touches, and how to create the unique portraits that will generate the best (and cheapest) advertising in the world: word of mouth. Vayo details indoor and outdoor design concepts, as well as studio and location lighting techniques, equipment needs and opportunities for digital retouching. From attracting new clients to delivering the proofs, this new book covers every aspect of this challenging business.
Getting started in the senior portrait photography businesss
Contract vs. non-contract photography
Pricing your work
Advertising your studio--with direct mail, on the radio and television, with local displays and more
How a web site can help your business
Designing mailers and other promotional materials for maximum effect
Customer service skills before, during and after the shoot
Studio lighting techniques for flattering portraits
Building attractive, versatile sets indoors and out
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