The ABC of Photography by An Amateur, Fayette J. Clute, Revised Edition, 105th Thousand 1909

SKU BR4631/The ABC of Photography 1909
Good Condition. Spine is torn and has small piece missing. Publisher: Burke & James, Chicago Copyright 1909, 105th Thousand. Sofecover, 51/2 x 7 1/2", 88 pages plus 22 pages of advertising. Contents: l. Principles Briefly Explained; II. The Camera: III, Lenses; IV. Shutters; V. Finders, Levels and other Accessories' VI. Plates; VII. Films; VIII. What to Phtogragh; IX. Exposing the Plate; X. The Darkroom; XI. Developing; XII. Intensifying; XIII. Reducing; XIV. Further Treatment; XV. Printing on Solio and Similar Papers; XVI. Printing on Developing or Gaslight Papers; XVII. Trimming and Mounting; XVIII. Chemicals; XIX. General Hints and Helps.
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