Tax Free Price List Japan's Foremost Camera and Transistor Productis Catalog & Price List 1960's

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Good condition . . mild rubbing on sprine. Approx 6 x 8 1/4", 32 pages. Complete descriptions and prices of cameras and more for mid-1960's. Cameras include: Asahi Pentax SV/S2 Super; Zenza Bronica S; Canon 7 & Canon FX; Canonet Junior, Canon Demi; Konica FM. Auto-S; Mamiya C3, Mamiya Press, Mamiya Super Deluxe; Minota SR-7; Nikon F & F Photomic; Ricoh Auto Shot, Ricoh Auto Half; Topcon RE Super; Yashica Mat EM and many more.

Prices in Yen and U.S. A Great period reference catalog.

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