Tao of Photgraphy: Unlock our Creativity Using the Wisdom of the East by Tom Ang

SKU URSCWH1095-TaoOfPhotog-Ang

Amphoto Books 2000, softcover, 9 x 11", 144 pages, black & white and color illustrations

Combining ancient principles of harmony with modern camera techniques, this unusual book offers photographers new ways to produce innovative, meaningful, and memorable pictures.

The author shows how to apply Tao concepts of Yin and Yang and “the Way” to photography, balancing the pros and cons of one action over another in every decision: whether to choose color or black-and-white film; fast film or film-grained; wide angle or long lens; high or low viewpoint; large or small format; light or dark exposure. Basic photographic techniques are explained in step-by-step instructions, and the book’s expert technical tips include the latest information on digital photography.

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