Softbox Lighting Techniques For Professional Photographers by Stephen A Dantzig

Amherst Media 2007, softcover, 8-1/2 x 11", 128 pages, 260 full-color photos.

Beautiful lighting is the key to creating professional-quality images. In his book, you'll learn how to use one of photography's most popular tools, the softbox, to produce lighting effects that are almost magical. Featuring numerous detailed lighting diagrams that show you how to re-create a wide variety of portrait looks, as well as product and interior architecture images, this book details the simple steps you can take to create your best-ever images. The result is gorgeous images that practically sell themselves.

*** Understanding the physics of light— its quality, quantity, color, temperature, and additive nature
*** How softboxes work to modify the light
*** The different sizes, shapes, and types of softboxes available, and the advantage of each
*** Techniques for using softboxes to produce portraits, fashion images, glamour shots, product shots, and interior architectural images
*** Modifying the effect of softbox lighting with scrims, louvers, masks, and more
*** Combining light sources for the ultimate in control

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