Small Format Magazine - The Magazine for 8mm, Super 8, Single-8, 9.5mm and 16mm - Issue No 1 2005

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AS NEW from publisher. Editor of smallformat: Jurgen Lossau. Published English Edition from 1/2005 to 6/2008. Then published only in German as schmalfilm Magazine. The last professionaly produced periodical for Super 8 and 16mm. First Issue no 1, 2005.

Articles include:

Interview, The Panaorama-Man James P. Graham

The Coming of Super-8 Alan D. Katelle

The Movie Theater King Michael Gubisch

Production Planning with Storyboards Oliver Kochs

How to Write a Movie Arnold H. Muller

Jurgen Lossau made avisit to Bolex Switzerland - one of the few manufactueres of 16mm

Delicious Leicinas by Jurgen Lossau.

Jochen-Carl Muller photographed sexy projectors

List of Film Stock by Henry Bohlmann

Softcover, 74 pages. VERY HARD TO FIND.

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