Sight and Sound The International Film Quarterly (4 issues) for 1965/66

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Good- Condition(please see notes) Four issues for 1965/66

Spring Vol 34 No 2 - Jerry Lewis by John Russell Taylor

Film Reviews:

My Fair Lady, Kiss Me, Stupid, Fail Safe(has water damage - good reading copy)

Summer Summer Vol 34 No 3 -

Film Reviews: Major Dundee, That Man from Rio, Mata Hari

Autumn Vol 34 No 4 - Macbeth into Throne of Blood

Film Reviews - YoYo, Tokyo Olympiad 1964, What's New Pussycat?(Has ad cut from inside cover page)

Winter Vol 35 No 1 - The Mexican Bunuel by Tom Milne

Film Reviews - Dear John, Kit Rat, The Peach Thief(damage on spine)

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