Selling Photography by Roger Antrobus

Amphoto 2003. Soft-cover, 8 1/2 x 11", 128 pages, 150 full-color illustrations. A picture may be worth a thousand words—but in his straightforward approach to the fine art of selling photography, author, and professional photographer Roger Antrobus explains how a picture can also be worth thousands of dollars. Selling Photography provides practical answers to the questions every photographer asks when making the move from amateur to professional: What makes a photo commercially viable? What kind of equipment should be used? What kind of agencies are out there, and how should they be approached? Combining practical marketing advice with how-to guidance for taking photos that impress, this valuable resource provides an overview of all the markets available for selling photographs—spec, photo libraries, commission, even the Internet—and reveals dozens of surefire approaches for making sales. This one-stop guide also features 150 stunning examples of Roger Antrobus’s best-selling images—covering everything from climbers on a snow-capped mountain to a semiabstract, time-released exposure of car lights at night. Each image is fully captioned to explain how it was shot, why it was taken, the artistic and special effects involved, and the reasons for its commercial success. Packed with an array of no-fail tips and surefire strategies, Selling Photography is the definitive source of real-life success tips for photographers who want to market and promote their work effectively.
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