Rollei Has A Lot To Show You Publication

SKU MM9124/Rollei Has A Lot Brochure
Good Condition. Softcover, 16 pages(not numbered). Includes:

Rollei SLX - The Very Best In Medium Format

Rolleiflex SL66 - Effective and Versatile

Rolleiflex SL66E - A Superior Sysem Through Electronics

Rolleiflex SL 2000F - The Last Word in the 35-MM-Format

Rollei P 3801 and P3801-IR - An Uninterrupted Experience

P-801 Autofocus Slide Projector, The Show Master

The P66S Slide Projector - The Ideal Companion to Rollei's High-Performance 6x6 Camera

Upper Class System Accessories.

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