Rodenstock Objektive für deutsche Kameras (Rodenstock Lenses for German Cameras) from 1945-1974 by Hartmut Thiele

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Rodenstock Lenses for German Cameras: Proto type lenses and lens deliveries to Agfa, Altissa, Balda, Bauer, Braun, Dacora, Diax, Ebner, Exakta, Franka, Iloca, Leica, MEC, Montanus, Nizo, Regula, Robot, Wöhler, Zeiss Ikon etc from 1945-1974.

GERMAN text, but this small book is in spread sheet style and can be understood by anybody.

The first list is sorted by Serial number; second list by camera mount. Information includes Lens model - f-stop - focal length (mm) - date made - quantities producted - serial number from-to - lens mount.

Softcover; 5-3/4 x 8-1/2", 68 pages, published 2007

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