Quick Reflections On Color Corrections: The Five Simple Steps by Suzette Allen

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Shootsmarter 2011: Easy & Elegant Photo Software Secrets by Suzette Allen. Tutorial DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended). Run time approx. 48 minutes. DVD ships in plastic DVD clam case.

It's no secret that all photographers struggle (at least a little bit) with the color of their photo's skin tones. The AUTO white balance found in today's cameras and software apps is far from perfect, so color correcting is part of the normal portrait photographers practice.

So do you have to have a Masters Degree in Photoshop to make color correcting easy to do? Nope, you just need to use the right tool and right technique to get the job done. Suzette Allen can use a PC or a Mac, the latest version of Photoshop CS or the free Picasa software and make skin tones sing. In this 48 minute webTV episode of Easy and Elegant Photo Software Solutions you see great examples and tons of info on here Five Simple Steps to that "just right" color no matter if you are a full time pro or just trying to shoot like one.

Sure you can send your images to a professional to be adjusted, or ship them off to your pro lab for fixing and printing, but both can be pricey and slow. Why not learn from one of the best.

In this video:
*Color shifted? Contrast too low? Learn to recognize what the problem is.
*Do you adjust the contrast first or the exposure? Or the color? Suzette shows you the right order.
*There's always more than one solution, Suzette uses a variety of software apps to get the job done.
*Use a guide print for the best skin tones. We have one for you!
*Can't you just buy a plug in and use the AUTO button? Well....

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