Professional Landscape and Environmental Photography by Mark Lucock

Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, England, 2003. 10 1/4 x 10 1/4, hardcover, 183 pages.

This book deals with the fundmentals of the photographic process - from controlling exposure to the use of filters - to help you capture the magnificence of cityscapes, landscapes and wilderness areas. A better understanding of this magical craft will improve your skills in recording and highlighting nature's intricacy and beauty. The author discusses the particular advantages of every camera type, from 35mm compact to 5 x 4in view cameras, and shares his experience of the technical and aesthetic considerations of environmental photography with engaging enthusiasm. To help you fund this marvellous hobby, and increase the pleasure you derive from it, he offers invaluable advice on marketing your work.

Landscapes and Environments covered include:
Temperate Woodlands
Hot, Dry Lands
Coastines, Still and Flowing Water
Rocks and Mountains
Grassland, Heath and Moor
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