Pro Digital Portrait Lighting The Definitive Reference to Lighting Setups by Peter Hince


Pixiq 2011, softcover, 8 1/4 x 9 1/4", 256 pages, color illustrations

With more than 100 diagrammed lighting setups and eight shots showing the effect on the final image-this manual is a must-have for studio portrait photographers. In addition to the advice on equipment and on achieving a particular look, this reference confronts one of the major challenges faced by portrait photographers: matching the lighting to a model's skin. It demonstrates every conceivable lighting setup on four models of varying skin tones, making it easy to plan a shoot.

Peter Hince made a name for himself working for the rock band Queen during the '80s. His clients include British Airways, Coca Cola, Ford, Fuji, Hilton, Jaguar, Philips, Reuters, Shell, and Virgin.

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