Praktica And Prakticamat Guide: The Praktiflex, Praktica, FX, FX2, FX3, F-X2, IV, IVB, IVF..By W. D. Emanual 1979.

By W.D. Emanuel. (1979). Ninth Printing. Focal Press. Soft-cover, 4 3/4 x 6 1/2", 78 pages, B&W illustrations. How to use The Praktiflex, Praktica, Praktica FX, FX2, FX3, F-X2, Praktica IV, IVB, IVF, IVFB, IVBM, VF, VFB, Praktica Nova, Praktica Nova B, Praktica Nova 1 and 1B, Praktica Super TL and Prakticamat Cameras. Book is in good condition. Cover has rubbing.
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