Photos With Impact, By Tom Mackie

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By Tom Mackie. (2003). David & Charles. Soft-cover, 9 1/2 x 10 1/4", 144 pages, color photos.
Tom Mackie is renowned for creating images of tremendous impact. Here, for the first time, he describes in detail how readers can do the same. He explains how an understanding of the basic rules of composition is crucial to successful image-making; and subsequently, how breaking these rules can also work effectively to create striking, modern compositions. He explores the use of strong colors and shapes for powerful, graphic impact, demonstrates how to use lighting and filters to best effect, and describes the part that digital photography has to play in his work. The practical instruction is accompanied throughout by a stunning collection of 150 of his best photographs.
This book:
Provides compositional tips for creating images with maximum impact
Explores using color and shape for strong graphic effects
Includes over 200 stunning color photographs
Demonstrates how to use filters and digital manipulations to make the most of your photography
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