Photographs from the Edge of Reality: True Stories About Shooting on Location, Surviving, and Learning Along the Way by John Harrington

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Course Technology PTR 2010, hardcover, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4", 292 pages, color illustrations

Through images taken while on location, the author takes readers through the logistics, stories, and behind-the-scenes problem solving involved in his assignments over the last twenty years. Examining the artistic and the business side of professional photography, each image provides a means to show readers concrete solutions they can employ with their own assignments. From running out of gas on the Yucatan Peninsula to the logistics of being the official photographer at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree, these stories tell the tale of what happened along the way.

•Recounts real stories, problems, and results encountered during a broad range of photography assignments.
•Both final and behind-the-scenes images give readers a true picture and understanding of a variety of assignment types.
•Written by a respected and experienced author and photographer.
•Includes stunning full-color images of well-known events and people.

Table of Contents:
1. Aretha Franklin
2. Obama Inauguration
3. Cuba
4. Commercial Shoot in Philadelphia
5. General Motors Shoot
6. President Bush and the Queen at Camp David
7. Smithsonian Museum Opening
8. Robert Plant
9. World Series
10. Live 8
11. Tibetan Freedom Concert
12. Stories of Family
13. Stevie Wonder
14. Fireworks at Iwo Jima
15. 9/11
16. Mexico
17. Rolling Stones
18. Michael Jackson
19. Chicago Beach
20. Golden Gate Bridge
21. Danica Patrick
22. White House Christmas Tree Lighting
23. Middle East Peace Accord
24. Nelson Mandela
25. Kermit

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