Photographer's Survival Manual - A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age by Edward C. Greenberg, J.D. & Jack Reznicki 2010

SKU Bx29-SurvivalManual-Greenberg

Lark Photography Books 2010, softcover w/flaps, 8 x 10", 127 pages, color illustrations

Now more than ever, anyone who wants to make money with a digital camera needs this authoritative and approachable guide. Written by the president of the Professional Photographers of America, and a leading New York copyright attorney, it provides photographers and visual artists with the most authoritative legal advice available. Everything is covered, from contracts, subcontracts, releases, and permissions to the copyright laws and all the steps artists should take to register and protect their work. Find out how to use copyright to protect your work from infringement, insure you are properly paid for your work, and how to proceed if your rights are infringed upon.

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