Photocine Digital Filmmaking with DSLRs by Lou Lesko, Michael Britt and Snehal Patel


Course Technology 2011, softcover, 300 pages, color illustrations

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The advent of the inclusion of high-definition video capabilities in SLR cameras has resulted in a radical leap forward for the photography industry. This simple innovation is bringing photographers to the gates of Hollywood with the potential to create influential commercials and short films without having to secure a studio movie deal. This book offers photographers the definitive guide to confidently move forward into this awesome new genre as they retool their skill set to meet the industry demand for DSLR video, From the technical aspects of setting up your camera, to getting the right gear, to learning to write a treatment, this book is here to demystify DSLR filmmaking. The book includes interviews with some of Hollywood's best-known names, such as cinematographer Gale Tattersall, writer Craig Titley, Executive Producer Greg Yaitanes of TV's House M.D., and rock-and-roll photographer Greg Watermann, as well as tips from Shane Hurlbut, ASC. Welcome to filmmaking for photographers, and anyone else who wants to shoot DSLR video.

Table of Contents:
1. Welcome to the New Age of Photography, Welcome to Motion
2. How do We Apply Big Budget Filmmaking to Shooting Video With Our SLRs
3. How do Movies Tell Stories: An Introduction to the Three Act Story
4. Putting a Story on Paper: The Treatment vs the Script
5. What Kind of Motion Shoot Will You Be Asked to Do and How Do You Shoot It
6. What do the Cameras Currently on the Market Offer for Motion
7. What Kind of Accessories are Available for Giving your Micro Film Production that Hollywood Look
8. Lighting for the Still Motion Camera
9. Sound for the Still Motion Camera
10. Directing Talent
11. Editing your Footage
12. Presenting your Masterpiece
13. Tips from Hollywood
14. Resources

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