Photo + Video = Fusion - Adding Video to Your Photography by Vanessa Joy & Rob Adams - FPS Tutorial DVD

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FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD November 2011; DVDs ships in a plastic clam DVD case.

Creating and selling images is the hallmark of the professional photographer, but today's customers want images created from still photography as well as video to show on their Facebook page or smartphone. It's called fusion, and it means that a photographer can capture moments and memories using one photographic frame or a series of video clips in order to deliver a product that their customers adore.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn in this video.

Exactly what is "fusion" and why is it so important?

Fusion products that you can sell NOW.

The difference between capturing video or capturing still photos with your camera.

Video lingo that you need to know. Tools for fusion, prepping stills, graphics and video to be fused together.

Tips on how to shoot good quality video with a DSLR.

So how do you get great fusion products for your customers?

Let photographer Vanessa Joy and cinematographer Rob Adams show you how to get the best video from your camera.

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