Pentax Way - The Honeywell Pentax Photographer's Companion, 2nd Edition 1968 by Herbert Keppler

Second Edition Amphoto 1968. Hard-cover, 5 1/4 x 8 1/2", 352 pages. A practical book fo the practical Pentax user. It describes the various camera models, the lenses, and the accessories factually, covering a great deal of ground instructively, interestingly, and concisely.
Includes the Asahiflex I, Asahiflex IIB, Asahiflex IIA, Asahi Pentax, Asahi Pentax K, Asahi Pentax S, Asahi Pentax H2, Asahi Pentax S3, Asahi Pentax S2, Asahi Pentax SI, Asahi Pentax SV, Asahi Pentax SIa.
Good condition. w/Dust Jacket. D/J is rubbed with tears.
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