Outdoor Photographer Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2 by Rob Sheppard

Wiley 2006, softcover, 8 x 8", 379 pages, color illustrations.

It's time to see Photoshop as a tool of your craft

This book is not about "fixing it in Photoshop." It's about how you, the serious nature photographer, can use technology to enhance your art. Rob Sheppard sees Photoshop not as an eraser for mistakes and the effects of careless shooting, but as an artist's tool, one that assists you in the craft of producing art from your digital camera. He shows you how to use Photoshop CS2 to extend tonal range, remove color haze, correct lens distortions, create multi-frame panoramas, and so much more—all to reveal the work of art you knew was there all along.

Learn to apply Photoshop techniques to the unique requirements of landscape and nature photography
Be aware of correct exposure when shooting for Photoshop
Use layers to enhance images and correct tonality and color for optimum images
Discover a better way of dodging and burning
Understand midtones and manage color correction with an eye to the finished product
Process images twice in Camera Raw for better shadow and highlight detail
Explore how Photoshop CS2 can support proven techniques used by the masters of traditional nature photography
Photoshop offers great power for controlling color so you can get natural, realistic colors that best express what you see in nature

Unsharp Mask is unmasked so that you can get the most from this powerful sharpening tool

Utilize the best methods of black-and-white conversion

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