One and Two Light - Portrait Lighting Essentials by Bobbi Lane (FridayPhotoSchool DVD)

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FridayPhotoSchool live recording October 1, 2010 Tutorial DVD; 79 minutes; Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. DVD ships in a plastic clam DVD case.

Simple, clean, one and two light portraits are the base of any successful portrait photography business. In this all-new seminar, commercial and portrait shooter Bobbi Lane uses her most basic strobe setups to guide you into her BIG THREE components of lighting: Direction, Quality and Depth to match the lighting to the "look" you want for your photos.

This seminar starts with some great tips on how to choose the direction and distance of the light source to your subject, followed choosing your quality of light to help you set the mood using either umbrellas, soft boxes and grids. And finally Bobbi shows us some terrific ways to use reflectors for filling the shadows to create the drama or brightness desired to give your portraits that "just right" touch.

Simple, clean, powerful and portable lighting ideas are just a click away. No matter what your lighting skill level, this program will show you some new ways to create the light you want, and keep you on the path of using simple yet effective lighting techniques for more dynamic and profitable portraits.

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