Off-Camera Flash 101 by Tony Schreck (FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD)

SKU WC225Off-Camera Flash 101 Schreck FSP 1/28/2011

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FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD, play in any regular DVD player worldwide (worldwide) or CD-ROM; running time about an hour. DVD ships in a plastic clam case.

Getting your shoe-mounted flash off the camera is the first step in sculpting a better quality light. Photographer Tony Schreck uses Speedlites off-camera everyday to make some incredible portraits that all start with getting the flash to fire remotely out of the hot shoe. Using the built-in wireless triggering systems, Tony shows you the basis of simple, pro level off-camera flash in this popular series

What will you learn during this episode?

*** Learn how to trigger off camera flash with an accessory cord.

*** Learn how to trigger off camera flash with an IR Controller.

*** Learn how to trigger off camera flash with a camera's Pop Up Flash.

*** Learn how to trigger off camera flash

*** Demonstrate the the steps to put your flash into remote or master/controller modes.

*** Demonstrate how to set up and use your master/controller Speedlight as a main light, fill light or have it produce no exposed light.

*** We will demonstrate 1 and 2 light set ups with Nikon, Canon and Qflash.

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