Nikon SB-910 - Understanding the Nikon SB-910 Speedlight by Blue Crane Digital with Tim Mantoani ( 2 Hour Tutorial DVD)


Blue Crane Digital 2012. Tutorial DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM; running time 120 minutes

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Confused after reading the user manual? You are not alone. This DVD simplifies Nikon's SB-910 Speedlight, allowing you to create the images you want.

Your new Speedlight can be the most powerful accessory in your camera bag! Understanding how it works is essential to getting the most out of your SB-910. This DVD takes you step-by-step through your Speedlight's setup and operation.

Award-winning photographer Tim Mantoani demonstrates the SB-910's features through a series of real-world examples. At the same time, he explains how different lighting configurations can flatter and enhance your subject. Tim's approach to lighting will help you take the best photographs possible, whether you shoot with just one Speedlight or a complex setup.

Topics Include:
*** TTL-BL vs. traditional fill-flash
*** Flash compensation
*** Master/remote settings
*** Commander mode
*** Hard vs. soft light
*** Three-point lighting
*** Slow Sync demystified
*** Front and rear curtain sync
*** High speed sync
*** Controlling the background exposure
*** Bounce flash techniques
*** Auto and manual zoom
*** Illumination patterns
*** The Inverse Square Law/light fall-off
...and much more!

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