Nikon N80/F80 PIP Guide by Matthew Dennis

Nikon N80 (Euro's model name F80) Photographer's Institute Press (PIP), England, 2004. 6 x 8 1/2", Soft Cover, 191 pages, color illustrations.
In this indispensable guide ot the Nikon N80/F80, Matthew Dennis, a freelance photographer and writer on cameras and equipment, takes you on a detailed tour of the camera's functions and possibilities; from its sophisticated exposure and metering systems to its handling idiosyncrasies. Loaded with invaluable advice and information, this guide includes: an in-depth description of functions and features, a Comprehensive review of lenses and accessories, advice on buying second-hand, practical advice on how to use the N80/F80 in all kinds of conditions.

PIP Guides are similiar in style to the Magic Lantern or Hove User Guides, however slightly larger in format but a lot of color photos.

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