Nikon D80 Magic Lantern DVD Guides - (Tutorial DVD ONLY)

Tutorial DVD by Lark Books, 85 minutes. Play in any DVD player (worldwide) or CD-ROM drive.

The Nikon D80—which replaces the bestselling, mid-priced D70s model—is sure to be as popular as its predecessor and this DVD will be a hit with photographers, too! Learn when the camera’s sophisticated 3D Color Matrix Metering II is the best exposure option and why and when you should use spot metering instead. Discover the one thing you can do to get the best possible white balance in any shooting situation. Follow the live action tips for using your D80 to shoot moving subjects. Get no nonsense advice on the best file format and size for your type of photography.

You will learn:
*** Features & Control
*** Image Quality & Formats
*** Playback & Editing
*** Menu Navigation & Custom Settings
*** Getting Exposure & White Balance Right
*** Flash Photography
*** And much more!

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