Nikon D60 Focal Digital Camera Guide by Corey Hilz

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Focal Press 2008, softcover, 6 x 9", 247 pages, color illustrations.

Key Features
*** Reveals the creative potential of your camera with clear, practical guidance, great tips, and advice from an experienced photographer
*** Highly visual approach with camera screenshots, highlighted tip boxes, and inspiring photos throughout
*** Camera-specific approach coupled with a "quick-start guide" to get you taking great pictures right from the word go

Just bought a Nikon D60 and looking to combine practical know-how with inspiration? This one-stop, easy-to-read guide covers all the basic functions of the camera, and everything beyond.

For the basics, turn to the quick start guide, which will get you up and running in five minutes.

For an understanding of your camera's many controls and features, check out the section called "The Camera." If all you need is a quick explanation, you'll find it. If you're looking for the Whole Story, you'll find that, too. Settings that affect how your pictures look are accompanied by full-color examples that show you exactly what you can expect. This section also covers the camera's menus, playback features, memory, and power sources.

The section called "Software" shows you how to get the most out of your camera's software. It covers tethered shooting, color management, RAW conversion, storing your images, managing your library, and backup strategies - to name just a few topics.

Ultimately, this book's greatest strength isn't its focus on the camera or the software; it's the detailed, easy-to-follow instruction it offers on using your camera to take truly superior photographs. Sections devoted to lenses, subject matter, and light cover these variables in depth, always presenting the most effective techniques in the context of the strengths and limitations of the Nikon D60.

Written by a widely acclaimed photographer and photography teacher, Nikon D60 shows you how to get the shots you can see in your head but have never been able to capture with a camera.

The Quick Start Guide will have you taking great photos in five minutes.
- In-depth coverage of every feature and control ensures that you have access to the tools you need for every shot.
- Full-color examples demonstrate how different settings affect your photos.
- Expert coverage of lenses, lighting, and subject matter gives you the practical knowledge you need to go after any shot.
- Step-by-step instructions on photo editing and image management help you get the most out of your camera's software.
- A detailed review of accessories for your camera explains which of these add-ons offer the most value for your needs.
- Dozens of tips and tricks prepare you for every situation you're likely to encounter - in the field, at the studio, or at your next wedding or family reunion.


*** Introduction
*** Visual Tour
*** Quick Start: How to Get Good Images out of the Camera in 5 Minutes First Principles
*** Part I: The Camera: Making Pictures, Viewing the Images, Menus, Cards, Batteries and Maintenance
*** Part II: The Software: Nikon Software, Digital Photo Professional, RAW Conversion, Fundamentals of Color Management, Building an Image Library, Backing Up
*** Part III: The Light: Using Natural Light
*** Part IV: The Lenses
*** Part V: The Subjects: Portraits & People, Travel, Pets and Animals, Action, Products
*** Part VI: Accessories;
*** Glossary
*** Index
*** Links

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