Nikon D5000 Magic Lantern Guide by Simon Stafford

SKU FGB08-NikonD5000 MLGuide-Stafford

Lark Photography Books 2010, softcover, 5 x 7 1/2", 352 pages, color illustrations

By photographers for photographers, Magic Lantern Guides will help you take great photos with your D5000:
* Cut through the clutter - this guide is written specifically for your Nikon D5000, not watered down with general how-to text like some other camera guides
* Throw away the perflexing manual that comes with your camera - every single feature and menu option is thoroughly explained here in easy-to-understand language
* Learn how to use special camera functions such as Live View, movie mode, color space, Preset white balance, and more - expert advice that will improve your results
* Unravel the mysteries of flash with simple tips you can apply every time you shoot

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