New and HOT Portrait Lighting - LIVE recorded FridayPhotoSchool Tutorial DVD with Will Crockett and Sarah Petty

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FridayPhotoSchool March 2010; live recorded. 72 minute long DVD; ships in plastic clam DVD case; play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM.

If you are looking for simple yet "snappy" portrait lighting techniques to add a little sizzle to your images, check out this special event with two terrific - yet very different photographers. Sarah Petty is known for her cute, lively and profitable children's images that grace the walls of countless upscale homes in the mid-west; and Will Crockett begin is a commercial / advertising photographer who has made a career of shooting Corporate America with his punchy and vibrant personality driven images for ads, annual reports and magazine covers.

How do these two different styles collide? By using lighting that offers a bit of personality of it's own to amplify the subjects emotion, presence and impact. Both of these accomplished photogs are as good as shooters as they are communicators with their clients, subjects and fellow photographers.

You will see Sarah photograph a pair of 5 year old and 6 year old sisters, then see as Will Crockett photographs a fashiony looking portrait then gets a few shots in Willy Wonka!

72 minute long live recording; broadcast from the main seminar stage at the 2010 WPPI Convention; so be ready for a surprise or two!

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